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Pratiwi & Ridwan | Engagement | Lombok Island

There is a lot story about journey, when we heading to new life, place & atmosphere.

I just want to say Lombok was ‘extraordinary’ prewedding destination. Lombok showed their natural side that will not be enough only for 1 day. There are too much to see, too many options to go, at last we decided to go to Mangku Sakti waterfall. The road was incredible as hard as how our spirit burning out. Now there is one question in my head ‘how long we will arrive at the place?’ Ah if I think too much my head will be exploding like TNT. So, now how to kill the time then I talked with Pertiwi & Ridwan (as our client). Their love’s story quite funny, silly & romantic.

First, they talked about why choosed Lombok as prewedding destination. They said Lombok is the best option, the undiscovered & untouchables island. We need to showing the world that we have amazing prewedding photos idea in our own way. After that, the love store began. Let’s heard some uncompletely story we spent the whole journey directed to the magical waterfall.

And this is how the story teller said (pertiwi):

Well, social cialis without prescription media direct me to my last destiny, decision & my future life. At least, I can say social media is our first meeting point in cyber world. We know each other only in social media untill we met in one of our lovely coffe shop. I never knew that we have a same favourite place to meet with people or friends. Maybe this is a destiny or may not.

Since we met for the first, then sooner or later we getting close & closer. Hmmm and it’s only takes 3 months for me to know him deeply & I decided to be his girlfriend. We don’t have a plan yet for getting married, as far as our relationship running for two years and his family ask for getting married soon & they want us into one bond. January 2016 such a great day of my life, he & his family submit for engagement to our relationship.I can’t describe how I can be so comfortable with him. We have many same compatibility since I melted how he treated me as sweet as he did. He has a lot of toys collection, and it’s make me surprised. Cause I’m in his way too.

During two years we’ve been throughout up, down, break & happiness life together. So many things that I can learned, it’s how to understand, cut off our selfish & the most important is we know how to carry on each other. He full of surprises, how lucky I’m to be his first girlfriend and he believes that I was the only one for him.

So how about you? Love story will be depending on every couple, they will have their own epic story to tell. Definitely, when they open their prewedding album in the future, nostalgic will blowing their mind by itself.




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