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Nur Lim & Lidya | Villa Anugerah , Bali

Their story started a decade ago, marked by an origami lucky star he gave her. Only three months later they had their first date, a library date. People said library is a magical place. It sure does for Nur and Lidya. Like a spell casted over them, they were inseparable since.

Wondrous years gone by, until Nur finally knelt down on one knee asking her to marry him. “Yes!” Lidya immediately answered. It’s about time, she thought, ‘we could have had three children by now.’ And they laughed, feeling contented knowing there will be a lifetime to go with each other.

A small yet beautiful wedding reception was held in Villa Anugrah, Uluwatu. On the edge of a cliff, in front of their loved ones, facing the wide blue sea, Nur and Lidya vowed to love each other until death do them apart.

Joyful tears and laughter filled the air as the priest announced them husband and wife. It touches one’s heart witnessing two souls rejoicing such sincere love.

In an email Lidya sent us, she wrote; ‘Looking back, there’s never a dull moment with Nur. Life is a roller coaster ride that never ends.’