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Pre Wedding Destination |  Tokyo, Japan

It’s begin 4 years ago the story of complicated love. The man who really love me at the first sight. We were met in same place called duty. I’m not sure that I really love him at the first time. Six months running on, I don’t know how he as far getting closer to me. He always tried how to make me love him, as him treat me too & watch me over. And I’m still not give any response to him.

Do you know how my feeling till the 7th months? He slowly give up! And I felt like there is something gone in my life. Probably he knew that I’m close to someone else.

I really miss how he treated me as usual, care with my bad habits, watch over me when I’m feeling down. I’m dying & honestly my heart knock down a bit, I need him back now!

One week after, the other guy show his feeling to me but I can’t give more. I just realised how much I love Bagus (The man who really love me). And I push all of my bravery power, I told him to show his feeling to me. I’m worried that he not love me back like before but, it was pretty dumb. How can I treated him like strange, someone who not important & nothing.

He still love me, he still put his warm heart and believe I will back to him. And I said I love him also I don’t want to let he gone anymore.

Finally we moved to Japan, I follow him now cause he don’t want to leave me alone & afraid of long distance.

It’s not the end, this story about complicated love getting more harder when we separate by religion. We don’t really care about it. We believe that religion teach how to love each other & love is a part of religion.

Till now we’ve been together almost 4 years & next month will be our fourth anniversary.

We hope we will long last forever.

The story of complicated love.

Bagus & Niar


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