huge handjob load

Michael & Linda | Villa Bayu Gita

“Our love story began with a book and I had forgotten my daily coffee this morning; actually it was my daily activity when I will start my busy day at work but I wish I could finished that day early either isn’t started yet. My demeanor was becoming evidently groggy and it wasn’t helping. Oblivious to my surrounding, a lady who sat in front of me. She wore contemporary outfit and had long neatly brushed hair. Her warm and I can see a charismatic smile that makes me slightly off-guard, but I didn’t much attention of her. But sometimes I distracted by her conversations, she speaks very intelligently and I feel she somewhat different from her peers. My clouded mind instilled enough fake confidence that I just obtruded right into the conversation. She didn’t seem to mind and we exchanged our numbers thereafter.

After that it was really surprise me that she invited me to out for coffee. We talk and shared each other so much that these coffee breaks become routine for us. Each time we ventured deeper and different intellectual conversations. We would meet sometimes at midnight, or really early morning when nobody not awake yet (or we not sleep at all). However this is so strange and out of my mind and very difficult to understanding that was just few years ago, this lady who makes me marveled about is become my wife now.”

Captured by Bayu Pratama.