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Ken & Isabella | Ayana Resort

Love. We will never know the way love story, the way the first meeting (love at first sight) or love between the two friends who have long been established because of the status of friendship in school.This is the story that brought them together in 9 years ago 27 May 2008, where in one school the same, they know each other’s love just as their eyes stare at each other.

This is where 9 years passed, until in the end, candy decided to wooing Isabella became the first and last person in his life.
Until now in Bali, at this moment, May 27, 2017 exactly at 9 years ago when they tied up the promise to know each other finally they promised before God and their loved ones, to tie the rope of their love forever. It is so full of joy to see them know the meaning of true love is.
 Captured by Bayu pratama .