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Darryl & Sherly | Bali Prewedding

The breeze whispered as they closed their eyelids. The touch of his hand met the storm that is her soul. He’s the sweetest man she has ever known. She’s the most beautiful to him inside and out. In the beginning it was her eyes that attracted him, while his smile caught her attention. It didn’t take long for them to decide that they want to get use to each other, to grow old with each other.

Darryl and Sherly might be from the city, but their love for nature brought them to Bali. The wind of August guided them to the outskirt Kintamani. Forest is what they called their soul place. It’s where they experience unique feelings of belonging. It’s where they connects.

Anyone around them could easily sense their affection towards each other. But it was more than just the affection. It was the fun they have that lifted up the mood and lighten up the atmosphere. Nothing forced. Nothing pre-made. It was natural, just as the bird sings and the wind blows.